Land and Urban Pricing in the UK

One trend that stands out from 2013, and will continue to be a factor in 2014, is the increase in price of farmland. However, the price increase has done little to slow down sales. Most farmland is bought by the acre, and from 2012 to 2013, there was a price increase of 16%. Some people believe this is due to the influx of people who move from more urban areas in the UK, to more scenic land sites. There has been a steady increase in this activity because people want to experience peace and tranquility while they are in their homes. While some of the farmland is used for farming, others see it as a way to create lucrative opportunities. Real estate professionals see the outlying farming areas as prime targets for building new communities.

There is something to be said for market-savvy land owners who know how to capitalize off of their land. Traditionally, most UK residents associate high property costs with sprawling urban centers which are in close proximity to schools, shopping and other social pleasures. The reality is that more people are expressing a desire to build their own home. They choose to realize their own dreams of building a home from scratch, and the main way to accomplish this, is by purchasing land. Some of the best farmland available is within a reasonable distance to shopping. A person can spend a day in the city, and then return to the peace and quiet that they love.