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When it comes to building in urban areas, you must take every measure to become as knowledgable as possible before starting a project. Logistics involving land acreage and price are only a part of the issue. You must also calculate overall costs for contractors, plumbers, surveyors and other staff, before you carry on with your endeavors. The good news is that there are some great publications that you can read to help you sort through the confusion. Reading them will save you time and money in the end. These books offer great advice for various aspects of acquiring land, constructing urban business centers and creating parks.

The 5th edition of Urban Land Economics and Public Policy was written by Paul N. Balchin, Jeffrey L. Kieve and Gregory H. Bull. It is a must-read. for those who are taking their first foray into urban building ventures. As the title implies, it contains a wealth of knowledge regarding economic issues, and how to avoid setbacks. Another great option, which was written by Douglas Farr, is called Sustainable Urbanism. This book offers insight into what it takes to build cities and towns which are sustainable. What this means is that they do not harm the environment with copious amounts of pollution. Authors John O’ Leary, Mark Daley and David Isaac wrote a book entitled Property Development: Appraisal and Finance. This book is lauded for its expansive insight on how to make the right land while using high appraisals to your advantage.